Modern name for the popular latin American dance originating from Cuba and Africa. This dance style has had many influences over the years from a variety of countries, creating the lively and upbeat dance we all know and love today.

A mix of styles and techniques that were brought together in Cuba and later travelled to the US and beyond. Nowadays there are two main styles of salsa danced and commonly taught, ‘Cuban Style’ Salsa (thought to be closest to the origins and early formation of the dance), and ‘Cross Body’ Salsa (LA/NEW YORK – On1 & On2).

Cuban, and Cross Body On1 & On2 salsa are all taught at Dance Revolution.

Kizomba dancing & music originate from Angola, with the word Kizomba itself deriving from the Angolan word ‘party’.

This Afro latino dance is popular all over the world now, and is rapidly growing in the western part. This sensual and romantic dance follows very romantic music and is all about interpreting the music and rhythm. Kizomba is often described as the dance where ‘two people dance as one’. This means connection & musicality between two dancers is paramount.  

Bachata is a style of dance that originates from the Dominican Republic. It is danced widely all over the world now, and in a variety of styles.

The basics to the dance are three-step with a Cuban hip motion, followed by a tap including a hip movement on the 4th beat. The movement of the hips is very important, and generally, most of the dancer’s movement is in the lower body up to the hips. Although the formerly mentioned fundamentals of the dance are important, there are now a variety of styles and variations of this dance. Bachata can be described as ‘Dominican Bachata’ (the original style), Bachata Moderna, Bachatango, and most recently, Sensual Bachata. At Dance Revolution we focus on Dominican and Moderna styles of Bachata although we take inspiration from many areas of the discipline. 

Belly dance is a Western-coined name for the famous Middle Eastern dance. Many experts say belly dancing is the oldest form of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures from the orient, mid-East, and India.

Throughout history, this ritualised expression has usually been performed for other women, generally during fertility rites or parties preparing a young woman for marriage, or to embrace her body.

This dance celebrates the female body in every sense, empowering her, giving her confidence and strengthening her body. No matter what size, age, or background, Belly Dance will surely benefit you. It is a great workout, toning and strengthening not only your core, but all other muscles in your body, such as your arms, glutes, legs and back. In addition to the health and fitness benefits, the dance teaches you how to move your body (especially hips and stomach) in ways you may have never imagined possible. The dance itself is beautiful and passionate, making a woman feel beautiful and strong.