Kizomba Class in Sheffield

This dance originates from Angola, and the word Kizomba itself derives from the Angolan word ‘party’. This Afro latino dance is popular all over the world now, and is rapidly growing in the western world. This sensual and romantic dance follows very romantic music and is all about interpreting the music and rhythm. Kizomba is often described as ‘a dance where two people dance as one’. This means the connectivity between the dancers and the musicality are key.

The dance style Kizomba is a development of the Massemba “belly” dance, where couples embrace each other to accompany the beat of slower and rhythmic songs. As a result of modernisation and Angolans gaining access to Portuguese and foreign culture, particularly seasoned Angolan sailors bringing foreign records home in the 1950s, the society of Luanda began to accept foreign rhythms such as  G.V., tango, merengue and the ballads of Popular Brazilian Popular Music, responsible for couples dancing closer together, giving rise to the famous passadas and the great exponents of the same: Mateus Pelé do Zangado, João Cometa, Joana Pernambuco, Adão Simão, among other expert dancers.