What styles of dance are available and when?

Solo Dance and Yoga at Dance Revolution:
Strut & Style (Ladies) – Monday 6pm

Belly Dance (ladies) – Mondays 7pm & 8pm, Tuesdays 11.30am, Thursdays 11.30am

Adult Ballet – Mondays at 9pm, Fridays at 6pm

Latin Body Movement  – Thursdays 8pm

Afro Dance – Thursdays at 9pm

Hatha Yoga – Tuesdays at 7pm (studio 2)

Yoga Fusion – Sundays at 12.30pm (studio 2)

Partner Dance Styles:
New York Salsa –  Wednesdays at 6pm, Thursday 6pm & 7pm, Sundays at 12.30pm & 1.30pm

Kizomba / Semba – Wednesday 7, 8, & 9pm

Bachata – Sundays 2.30pm & 3.30pm

How much are group Classes?
Drop in prices for 1, 2, 3, & 4 PER EVENING:

1 Class – £6/£5 (NUS)

2 Classes – £10/£9 (NUS)

3 Classes – £13/£11 (NUS)

4 Classes – £15/£13 (NUS)

SEE PRICE List for Prepaid discount bundles and Membership prices

How much are Private Classes?

  • £35 for one person – 1 hour
  • £45 for two people  – 1 hour
  • £65 for one person – 2 hours
  • £85 for two people – 2 hours
  • £300 for one person – 10 hours
  • £375 for two people – 10 hours
  • £375 for one person – 15 hours
  • £525 for two people – 15 hours

Do I book in advance for a Class?
You don’t need to book in advance for drop in group classes as long as you are at the level of the class your attending. You do however have to book in advance for private classes, or one off workshops. Please see the timetable section for more information.

Can I just turn up and join any class?
You can turn up to any beginner class and just join in, but you cannot turn up to a higher level class with no prior experience. Also the mambo collective classes ran by David Fenton on a Tuesday evening are closed to new comers after the third week of each term (new terms – January, September, and April). All our other classes are drop in. If you are at a higher level and have experience, join the class that is your level.

Do I pay in advance for a Class?
You are not required to pay in advance for weekly group classes, unless you wish to buy prepaid discount bundles of classes which save you money by discounting each class (see pricing list for more information). You also can pay in advance for one off special workshops which will secure your place on the workshop and save you money as the price rises on the day. For privates you may pay in advance if you wish to receive a discount by booking a set of 10 lessons or more.

Is there a joining fee?

Do students receive a discount?
Yes, but students must show their NUS card – SEE PRICE List for Prepaid discount bundles and Membership prices.

Do I have to sign up for a Certain amount of Classes?

What do I wear to Class?
Just something comfortable and nonrestrictive for maximum comfort and easy movement.

Do I need special footwear or dance shoes?
This is not a necessity, especially as a beginner, many students decide to invest in dance shoes the more experienced they become. Comfort and safety is key.

What is the difference between Solo Dance Classes, and Dance Classes that require Partner work?
In solo classes you dance independently from start to finish, in a partner class like Salsa, Kizomba, or Bachata, you will dance with a partner in the class. And we ensure that everyone partners each other in the class by using a rotation method, so all followers get to dance with all the leaders consistently throughout the class.

Do I have to bring a partner for classes with partner work?
No, all students get a chance to dance with each other throughput the class, a partner isn’t necessary to attend class.

Do I have to have experience?
Not for beginner classes, only for higher level classes.

How do I know what level I am if I have danced before?
We usually suggest that students still attend a beginner class if they are not aware of their level, and the teacher will decide what level is best suited to them.

How long will it take me to move up a level?
This is completely dependent on each individual; on average it can be from 3-6 months to move up a level. However, some students are quicker in their progression, and some are slower. Also many students still do the beginner classes even when they have surpassed this level, just to maintain a strong foundation, and not pick up bad habits.

Are the teachers experienced and qualified?
Yes, all teachers that teach at Dance Revolution are highly experienced and qualified to a high degree in the styles that they teach and others. Jaleh our Director and principal teacher is qualified in all the styles that she teaches. And Dance Revolution also provides Teacher Training opportunities for aspiring teachers.

Is it in a private dance studio or public place like a bar?
The dance studio is private and located right in the Centre of Sheffield. It is not a bar, but we have a bar and refreshments area.