Jaleh Fallah

Founder & Director
Jaleh Fallah is the successful Founder & Director of Sheffield Dance school Dance Revolution, which she opened at the young age of 26. Jaleh is a highly experienced International dancer specialising in Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, Belly Dance, and Body Movement & Styling. Jaleh is a competition winner, teacher, choreographer & performer both Nationally and Internationally. She also holds a BSc in Management from prestigious Business school at The University of Manchester.

Dance Background:
Jaleh started dancing at 3 years old (1992), where her classical training began with Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, and Latin & Ballroom. She also self-taught herself from a young age in styles such as Persian dance & Belly Dance (as well as other world dance styles). Her diverse cultural influences growing up encouraged Jaleh to train and study in her favourite dance styles from all over the world, later becoming professional in them. In addition, this early exposure to world music and dance allowed Jaleh to organically develop her own unique yet natural dance style, and highly informative teaching approach.

Jaleh’s Teaching Awards:
Unfortunately across the UK It is almost nonexistent for Professional Salsa, Latin or Belly Dance Teachers to be qualified in their chosen fields. Jaleh has searched for many years to find credible and challenging teaching qualifications, but always struggled. However, in late 2016 Jaleh fortunately discovered three prestigious Diploma’s/Teaching Awards in three of her main teaching styles – Salsa, Kizomba and Belly Dance. All three ran by teachers who are world famous in these styles and have the best reputations, and experience in the business. Jaleh considers herself extremely lucky to now call these three amazing artists her mentors and has developed the school even further since beginning her studies with them. Jaleh’s Salsa Teaching qualifications are with the internationally renowned Salsa Queen – Dancer Susana Montero (Madrid), and qualified by the highly prestigious ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing). These qualifications will be completed by September 2017. Jaleh’s diploma in Belly Dance is with the infamous UK’s Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD), which will also be completed by November 2017. Lastly Jaleh’s Kizomba Teacher Training qualifications were taken and completed with Kizomba legend Lucia Nogueira (Portugal) in May 2017.

Jaleh’s dance profile is extensive and diverse, and she’s known for her passion, style, and effortless body movement. She is insanely passionate about teaching, dance and most of all her students. She is a charismatic performer and teacher who’s always in pursuit of spreading her love of dance and bringing the best out in her students and peers. She dedicated her whole life – 7 days a week to her school, students and love of dance. As a teacher she pays attention to detail and adapts her teaching style and methods constantly to meet all her students requirements. With a great understanding of others, Jaleh can easily connect well with her students. She always teaches technical skills, as well as developing peoples confidence in themselves, and making sure they always walk away from each class happy.


  • Salsa
  • Kizomba
  • Bachata
  • Belly Dance
  • Styling & Body Movement
Dave Fenton

Professional Salsa Teacher

Dave is the founder of the Mambo Collective classes, starting teaching Salsa with just 3 students in a small church side-room.
That was 15 years ago and hundreds of students have since  passed through the classes over the years, each receiving personalised tuition suited to their own unique challenges.

With a 15 year background as a qualified Volleyball coach at a National level he has an excellent understanding of body movement, balance, posture and co-ordination and how to coach these qualities in a dance environment.

With a teaching style that is technical and specific, he strives to always give every student the best personal educational experience possible.
His classes are always full of quality technical information delivered in an enjoyable, easy to digest manner.

You’ll never leave his classes without learning something new about your dancing.


  • Salsa (New York Style)