Our Vision

Dance revolution’s main aim is to provide the highest quality dance classes with the best and most experienced dance teachers. Encouraging & nurturing the development of creative, confident, and most importantly, HAPPY dancers is our priority.

Our Founder & Director Jaleh Fallah has built a stronger and more vibrant dance community within and outside of Sheffield. Connecting students with experienced, passionate and caring teachers and dance professionals, as well as creating a safe haven for dancers and their nearest and dearest to feel apart of an all inclusive dance family.

All professionals who teach here at Dance Revolution are true dancers from the heart, dedicated to their craft and able to inspire students by not only teaching technique and routines, but also by teaching them the essence of each dance, and helping students to understand their bodies, minds, and also the culture of the dances they are learning from.

In spirit of building the strongest relationships and a better community in dance, Dance Revolution continually hosts social events for dancers which also provides a platform for the hardworking and dedicated students to showcase their talents through performing and social dancing. Many students have now performed, and there are frequent opportunities throughout the year for all our students & teachers to take part in shows and demonstrations.

“My aim is to revolutionise the dance learning and social experience in Sheffield and beyond, by providing high quality classes and a studio space that allows students to develop at their optimum rate. Students will learn from the roots upwards in all our dance styles, learning the true culture and essence of each dance. 

Often it’s the smallest of details that can transform a dance or dancer from mediocre to amazing. Dance is the perfect outlet for everybody from any age or background. I aim to only create a high quality dance school, a school that feels like HOME when you enter, SAFE, WARM and WELCOMING.

My school is truly a dream come true for me, something I have wanted my whole life…and now I will do all it takes to ensure that Dance Revolution is the best dance school it can possibly be.

There really is nothing more satisfying than seeing my wonderful students progress and develop, not just in dance but in all areas of their lives, this is the gift I receive from them everyday, and for this I am forever grateful.”

A message from our Director Jaleh Fallah – August 2015